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The Religion Media Centre is an impartial and independent organization aiming to increase further cohesion and understanding in society by helping the media report and understand religion and belief. It does not promote any one religion or belief and has no editorial line other than religion matters. Instead, it exists to provide accurate, timely and relevant information to the media, enabling the public to be better informed.

Anna Averkiou is a contributor to the RMC.
How media organisations are regaining the trust of communities
Anna Averkiou reports on the Religion and Media Festival 2021 panel discussion about the need for the media to build trust and a bond with communities. (June 2021)

Festival-2021-faith-and-govenrFaith groups show the government how to deliver frontline help in a crisis
Leading faith and social action campaigners have broadly welcomed a government review into how best it should engage with faith groups in England. Anna Averkiou reports. (June 2021)

suzanne-franks2British media ‘doesn’t understand Israel’
Israel is not being understood or even listened to when it comes to British media coverage, according to journalism professor,  Suzanne Franks. Anna Averkiou reports. (June 2021)

youth-festival-2021-1024x459Unity and compassion in pandemic have strengthened our faith, say younger people
Seeing faith organisations demonstrate unity, compassion and community in person and online during the pandemic has strengthened and deepened the faith of many young people in the UK. (May 2021)

evangelicals-RM-festival-2021-Leading Christian theologian calls for the term “evangelical” to be reclaimed and not be used as a form of name-calling.
Anna Averkiou reports from the Religion and Media Conference 2021. (May 2021)

British Islam — and how it differs from Islam in Macron’s France
Anna Averkiou reports on how the new generation of British-born Muslims needs leadership so that they feel no conflict of loyalty between nation and faith. (May 2021)