A Lifetime Passion For News & Media

Anna Averkiou is an experienced consultant, trainer and journalist who draws on more than 25 years of working in the media industry to help Corporates, NGOs, Third Sector and SMEs enhance their profile and reputation whilst increasing their client/fund raiser base.

Enfield GazetteShe started her career as a trainee reporter on local newspapers in North London, before moving into television working on documentaries for Channel Four.

Her love of international news was realised in 1989 with the historic events in Eastern Europe and the fall of the Berlin Wall and she went on to work as a producer and reporter with various national and international news organisations including Visnews (now Reuters TV), Worldwide Television News (now APTN), TV-am, Superchannel, CNN, MBC and BBC World News before joining the BBC's World Newsgathering Desk.

 Bosnia 2During this time she travelled extensively, working on some of the decade's biggest stories in the Balkans, Middle East, SE Asia, USA and former Soviet Union - often in hostile environments. 

Back in London, she was asked to set up and manage a new project dealing with the BBC's incoming and outgoing news footage. Within a few years, the desk had become an essential part of the news operation and became the forerunner to the BBC's internal multi-media Newswire agency.

She moved to the BBC World Service to work as a producer on the award-winning World Today programme and a Senior Journalism and Production Trainer before becoming a News Editor, successfully revamping the news audio department. She became increasingly involved in change management, trouble shooting, marketing and business development strategy - before leaving to set up her own business in 2010.

Her passion undiminished, Anna now uses her experience and knowledge to help and advise clients on their media and communications strategy - with a particular interest in crisis media management. She is able to draw on a broad range of contacts - personal and professional - with correspondents, producers and editors throughout the world. She regularly writes for trade publications such as Crisis Response Journal.

An established trainer and speaker, she also runs and PGHS Senior Prizegivingdevises popular and succcessful journalism, production, interview and presentation, social and crisis media courses and workshops in the UK and further afield, and offers 1-2-1 coaching in a range of media-related skills from Public Speaking to Podcasting.

She is an Associate Lecturer at the London College of Communications, a tutor for One World Media and The Press Association,  and an examiner and tutor of courses accredited by the National Council for the Training of Journalists.

Anna is a member of the Chartered Institute of Journalists, Institute of Directors and The Frontline Club, aaffiliate member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing, School Governor of Palmers Green High School, an associate of Le Menach Foundation, advisor to The Great British Community,and Goodwill Ambassador for the UK-Cyprus Enterprise Council. She has also served as an executive board member of the London Branch of the Emergency Planning Society and is now Advisor on Media Engagement to the Board of the Security Institute

"When a dog bites a man that is not news, but when a man bites a dog that is news"
(Charles Anderson Dana)