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     "A good reputation stands still; a bad one runs"
(American Proverb)

    Crisis Management & The Media

A crisis can happen at any time and bad news travels fast in today's 24-hour media environment. It is vital for you to be able to react quickly and effectively to become the trusted source of information about the situation rather than reputation-damaging leaks and conjecture via the internet and social networks.

Media consultancy and training can be part of or compliment bespoke risk services. We can be flexible as to what we deliver to suit the needs and budget of your particular organisation.

We partner with a number of safety, security and risk specialists around the world to ensure we meet all your risk and crisis strategy requirements including risk analysis and management, business continuity, resilience testing and crisis simulation exercises.

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“Have attended one of Anna's training sessions on how to handle a media crisis in a digital age and I wanted to record that she has a great mix of empathy, insight and information to offer. I would recommend her for any training."