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Cyprus Wild FiresWildfires in Cyprus
As a journalist, Anna Averkiou has reported on disasters around the world. But she could only watch with a sense of helplessness and fear when she realised that fires were burning out of control in Cyprus and heading towards the mountain village where many of her relatives live. Here, she speaks to a fire officer, Avgoustinos Chatzigiannis, who was involved with the response.

(September 2021)

CRJ FireAverting Catastrophe in High-Rise Building Fires
While fires cannot be entirely prevented, proper emergency planning and safety systems are being called into question around the world as more high-rises are being built to meet the need for housing, reports Anna Averkiou

(October 2017)

Press Conference CRJPress Conference Confidence

Resuming her series on the media, Anna Averkiou explains why and how traditional news conferences can still be one of the most effective channels in a crisis.

(September 2013)


Crisis What CrisisCrisis? What Crisis?
London 2012 has not only inspired a generation to emulate its sporting heroes, the success of its communication strategy provides a textbook case for communication and media specialists. Anna Averkiou talks to Jackie Brock-Doyle about how it worked.

(October 2012)

Crisis Response Journal 3
In the wake of the London Metropolitan Police Service report into the 2011 UK riots, Anna Averkiou looks at how social media is changing the way crises are managed.

(June 2012)

Crisis Response Journal 2
Media Strategy: For better, for worse
In the second of her series about the media, Anna Averkiou explains the importance of cultivating effective relationships with journalists to stand you in good stead in a crisis.

(February 2012)                                                   

Media Strategy: When bad news is good news.Crisis Response Journal: When bad news is good news
In the first of a new series about the media, and how to plan for media handling in an emergency, Anna Averkiou looks at the need for an integrated crisis media strategy.

(November 2011)

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